Friday, April 25, 2008

400 Años Centenario del Puerto

"The new monolith on the Malecon is the old monolith from the Jardin. It was a gift from I believe our sister city in the Philippines commemorating Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's 1564 voyage from Puerto de la Navidad (now Barra) to the Pilippines."

1564 - All the zone between ports of Navidad and Salagua (Manzanillo) (In line for supply routes to; Autlán, Ameca, Zapotlán, Amula, Tuspa, Tamazula, Guadalajara, Towns of Avalos, etc.) existed from the activities connected with the construction of ships for the trip to the Philippines. On November 21st, 1564, Miguel Lopez Legazpi, with the title of "Adelantado," along with the friar Andrés de Urdaneta, sailed from Puerto de Navidad to colonize an archipelago in the Far East. Legazpi named the archipelago FILIPINAS in honor of Felipe II, then king of Spain. In 1571 he founded Manila as its capital.


Finished product

View from the jetty

Costalegre Jalisco Mexico

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tianguis day in Barra

Thursday is Tianguis day in Barra following Wednesday in Melaque. Dora bought the wrong sized pants in Melaque so we went to exchange them and she ended up with two more things. That gave Ron and I time to wander around and get a beer. Later visited Armando and picked up Mike for an early dinner. Ron and Dora's last night in town before heading back to Seattle.
A Tianguis is a traveling market and pretty interesing if you've not been much. I'm kinda worn out on them. The have more tourist stuff over winter but get back to basics in the summer.

Barra de Navidad, Costalegre, Jalisco, Melaque
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Barra de Navidad is built on a sandbar between Bahia de Navidad and the Laguna de Navidad in an area of Mexico's west coast known as the Costalegre (Costa Alegre) - the Happy Coast

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