Friday, October 25, 2013

Longshore Drift

Is Longshore Drift the reason Barra has so little sand and why Melaque has so much?   Melaque's beach is currently wider than I've ever seen it.

Barra de Navidad beach

Melaque beach

Friday, October 11, 2013

Barra de Navidad a "Pueblo Mágico"?

The mayor of Cihuatlan is asking to have it considered in this YouTube press conference.   Everyone I know seriously doubts it will happen.   Maybe just looking for another source of finance for the troubled town.

To be considered a town needs most of these to qualify

Arquitectura: Consider the harmony and general conservation of architectural, civil or public, that give character and identity to the town. Not necessarily must be populated with historical monuments, but also villages or vernacular architecture of the twentieth century.

Edificios emblemáticos: Highlight buildings, for its style, history and majesty are, by themselves, an attractive element for visitors.

Fiestas y Tradiciones: As part of the intangible cultural heritage, it is worth noting the importance of local festivals as cultural elements that sustain life in the community.

Producción Artesanal: A sign of creation and imagination of the people in its population presents craft as part of the magic that surrounds them.

Cocina Traditional: element of fundamental importance to highlight the nature of identity and its link to cultural tourism traditional cuisine can be enjoyed in its original context.
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Barra de Navidad is built on a sandbar between Bahia de Navidad and the Laguna de Navidad in an area of Mexico's west coast known as the Costalegre (Costa Alegre) - the Happy Coast

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