Thursday, July 25, 2013

SEMARNAT to allow dredging of the lagoon because of "urgency"

JALISCO - The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT),  issued a "waiver" of environmental impact statement (MIA) to dredge the Barra de Navidad lagoon, because of the urgency of removing the silt before of the arrival of a new hurricane and the threat to the local population.

Other proposed projects such as removing the jetty, bringing in sand or building breakwaters will require a environmental impact statement.   The jetty was built in 1986 before Environmental Laws were enacted.

Semarnat permitirá dragado de la laguna debido a “urgencia”

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Or maybe a couple breakwaters

This project is in two segments that are embedded 3.5 meters deep into the seabed, and rise to the level of low water so when low-tide arrives they will be seen. The first section would be one hundred meters long and 50 meters from the pier. The second, 300 meters from the jetty and a length of 60 meters. The separation between the two is 60 meters. They would both be 70 meters from the beach. The breakwaters would be of geobags which are made of geotextile filled with sand.

“Estructura de emergencia” detiene erosión de línea costera

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tear down the Malecon

President of Chihuatlan proposes to destroy the pier jetty in Barra de Navidad

Given the evident lack of funds authorized by federal and state government to help, the mayor of Cihuatlán proposes the destruction of the "breakwater" located on the boardwalk in Barra de Navidad, in order to lessen the impact in the area of on the beach and lagoon.

Mayor Jesús Huerta Aguilar said that the Presidency of the Republic and the Government of Jalisco and are aware of the problems facing the tourist resort of Barra de Navidad, where rough seas have impacted many buildings, the beach and closing businesses,  which has contributed to a decline in the number of visitors and thus has lowered the economic flow.

The mayor's short-term solution "is to destroy the breakwater", the jetty built between the beach and lagoon.

Locals and tourist services of Barra de Navidad agree with the mayor in the sense that since the construction of the breakwater, the swells were taking away beach sand and filling the lagoon.

Presidente propone destruir escollera del malecón en Barra de Navidad

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Waves continue to cause damage in Barra de Navidad

On the boardwalk "Marcelino García Barragán" strong waves caused damage to another restaurant located on Avenida Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The tides continue to cause damage to buildings constructed in the maritime zone without the date is fixed this problem which worsened for at least two years and has caused excessive loss of space on the beach for a decade.
In late June, the restaurant "Popeye" suffered damage from heavy seas. The storm and hurricane rainfall continues, with the latent threat to other buildings.
Federal Deputy Michel Gabriel Gomez before cihuatlense residents of this community, committed to managing resources for oceanographic study, looking for a solution to this problem. The legislature recognized and warned that the final solution will take years to arrive.
For his part, Mayor Jesús Huerta Aguilar promotes the dredging of the lagoon in Barra de Navidad, as an alternative solution.
Last week, in France, was held an international conference on the "dynamics of the coast", in which experts from 27 countries presented two decades ago the dominant idea was to protect the coast, the beaches, with dikes, jetties and cement
In the future should be built along with nature, that is, "the natural way possible." For experts, the future is to strengthen the beaches with sand sediments. 
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Barra de Navidad is built on a sandbar between Bahia de Navidad and the Laguna de Navidad in an area of Mexico's west coast known as the Costalegre (Costa Alegre) - the Happy Coast

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