Saturday, March 29, 2014

Barra beach restoration includes a Malecon

Finally spent a couple hours looking at the new construction along the waterfront in Barra. The most impressive part is the foundation for a new Malecon all along water front. It looks to be 20-30 meters beyond the high water mark in the Sea Masters area which you can see with their elevated porches. Probably have to tear those decks down and start again on a new surface. The hotel Tropical has solid pilings but no sand under the first 5-6 meters of the building.   Not too many entrance points to the beach so it looks like the shovel is moving rocks and dirt up and down the beach from there (Sea Masters).

The two reefs which you can almost see in the long beach shot look to be done but there were 2 guys in dive suits doing something on them.   The idea of the reefs was to fill very large and long bags full of sand and use them almost as a breakwater to defuse normal wave action.

Looks to be be 2-3 sets of hoses heading in the ocean direction but on the ocean side you can only see the one from the dredge. The large dredge hose seems to be relying on water action to disperse the sand. I wonder if the smaller ones were/are being used to fill the "reef bags".   The Malecon is closed to everyone that does not work there ... looks like it may be for awhile.

Pardon the large smudge on my camera lens - didn't check !!

Shovel next to Sea Master

Sea Masters

Malecon foundation and two reefs

Sand into the ocean

Dredge barge and smaller hoses

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mysterious Barra waterfront work

They have been working on the Barra de Navidad beach and waterfront improvements for several weeks with all kinds of large equipment and huge plans but nobody seems to be interested in posting pictures or progress of the project. I can't believe it's not interesting ... but only imagine not much is getting done for some reason. I've only heard of vague street closures and someone recently posted this foto of the Malecon entrance. Wish I had more time to get over there.

Barra de Navidad malecon closed

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