Friday, June 03, 2011

Barra washing away?

Two weeks of heavy surf has done it's damage to the Barra beach. There is basically no usable beach the length of the waterfront. Even though the bulkhead still looks solid, water from waves breaking over the bulkhead washed the sand away below the tourist/police office at the head of the malecon. The next restaurant closer to town is also undermined ad has a collapsed floor. The restaurant is closed for safety reasons. The tourist/police office will probably be demolished in place and used for fill and foundation for the next building.

Almost no beach left

No sand behind the bulkhead

Remains of the last bulkhead
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Barra de Navidad is built on a sandbar between Bahia de Navidad and the Laguna de Navidad in an area of Mexico's west coast known as the Costalegre (Costa Alegre) - the Happy Coast

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